Let me show you around my bright white minimalist studio. When you step through the entranceway, you'll be greeted by a large bay window that floods the room with natural light, a changing area for your baby, and most importantly - a comfy couch so you can feel at ease during your session. I've even had parents fall asleep before. Seriously! Whatever you need - diapers, wipes, coffee, time to sit down and scroll through your phone? You've got it.

Teddy bear wearing sunglasses and a white stuffed bunny

Simplicity means you stand out

My curated collection of natural wooden props and outfits come in white and muted neutral tones to provide a timeless, classic look for you and your little one. Anything that is not in use during your session is neatly tucked away to help me keep your baby's attention and ensure a neat and clutter-free environment.

My studio, props, and outfits are thoroughly cleaned before each appointment and the space is not shared by anyone else, so you can feel confident letting your baby crawl and explore. If you have older children tagging along, they are welcome to step out with Dad or another family member to visit the conveniently located playground two houses down the street, or they are welcome to have snacks, colour, or watch TV for the duration of the session.

White Photography Studio with a white shell chair in the corner
White baby change table with wooden toys and folded knits on shelf
White women's dresses hanging in photo studio
ABC Neutral Wooden Blocks
Folded knit baby clothing with wooden toys on top
Jackie Orlando, Photographing a newborn