Baby Portraits

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Older Baby Portraits

Your baby is growing and changing every day. Remember their sweet smiles, mannerisms, and emerging personality with a simple portrait session! Most ideal time is between 6-9 months.

Sitting baby boy, wearing white overalls and looking up with big bright blue eyes. Silver Award-winning image
British Vogue December 2023 Tinsel Tots Baby
Giggling Happy Baby in White Romper
Grinning baby laying sideways on white fur rug
6 Month old boy dressed in knit bunny ears and bloomers
7 Month old playing with wooden toy car
Close-up of twins holding hands
Portrait of twin baby boys, laying together
8 month old red haired baby
Twin babies, 7 months old, playing together
Teething twin babies chewing on wooden teethers
Big smile on ginger baby, hiding in curtains
close-up detail photo of baby hands holding wooden toy
Baby's Face looking and smiling, close-up
Baby boy looking puzzled or sad
Baby Boy holding onto Mom's hands, learning to walk
Happy baby playing with white curtains, wearing white knit shorts
Baby wearing cozy Sweater and winter hat, 6 month old baby
Twin baby girls wearing white lace dresses, christening dresses
Baby girl with dark curly hair, standing with parent's help
Close-up crop of baby's eyes on white background
Adorable baby sitting in white shell shaped chair
Sitting baby boy on plain white background, wearing grey sweats
Brightly lit baby portrait, beautiful dark skinned baby
Baby balancing on the side of a chair, learning to stand
Tummy time baby
Twin girls, 8 months old wearing crochet outfits
Happy baby learning to crawl, plank position