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Allow me to freeze this moment in time for you. My bright white studio provides the perfect blank canvas to create photos that are beautifully pure, minimalist, and timeless, so you can remember the beauty that is your brand new baby.

Let's keep it simple - I avoid props, and instead use parents' hands to showcase how small your new baby is. I use light neutral tones and soft textures that add depth to your images without taking away from you and your baby. The result is modern, timeless imagery that you will be proud to adorn the walls of your home with.

Newborn sessions take 2-3 hours and are specifically intended for newborns under 4 weeks old. The ideal time is under 2 weeks old, as babies are still very sleepy and flexible at this age, which makes the session flow smoothly and gives you a bigger variety of poses. Most importantly - at this age they still have that unique, fresh, NEW look to them.

If you've missed the window - older babies up to 8 weeks are welcome. Your photo session will have an altered style with baby-led poses. A great alternative that I also offer is in-home lifestyle newborn photography

Studio newborn photography sessions take place in my cozy home studio in lower Stoney Creek, on weekdays around 10:00 a.m. Weekend sessions are available upon request, and based on limited availability.

I'd love to chat with you if you have any questions!

Newborn laying under heirloom knit blanket, backlit by window
Birds-eye view of baby in both parents arms
Gorgeous Mom cradling baby boy
Curious looking newborn
New parents lovingly looking at swaddled infant
Yawning newborn baby in white sweater onesie
Parents and two sisters looking at new little brother
Parents' arms together, with wrapped newborn held in their hands
Happy new parents in love with their baby
Happy couple, new parents head to head
Mom in a white dress by a window in bright room, holding swaddled baby
Dad and newborn son, nose to nose
Mom kissing newborn baby on the nose
Backlit photo of parents arms holding a wrapped newborn, side view
Happy new parents, smiling at each other
Close-up of tiny fingers
Newborn boy on white blanket, awake, 4 weeks old
Smiling newborn holding cheeks
Mom in awe of her sweet baby girl
Awake newborn baby boy holding Daddy's hands