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what happens during a newborn photo session?

Preparing to bring a new baby into your life is exciting, and let's be real - it can feel overwhelming at times, trying to prepare for the many changes to come. You likely have a seemingly endless list of things to do, buy, research, book, and decorate, and the mental load can feel like a lot.

If newborn photography is on that list, I'm here to help. Whether you've already booked your newborn session or you're considering it, but want to know what to expect first - I'll do my best to make that mental load easier on you by telling you exactly what happens during a newborn photography session with me.


  • My home studio is located at 12 Bing Crescent, Stoney Creek, Ontario. Stoney Creek is a part of Hamilton - located at the perfect midway point between Niagara Falls and Toronto.
  • I will leave space for you to park in my driveway, so you don't have to search for parking or walk far!
  • Your baby's needs come first. When you arrive, you can tend to any immediate needs such as changing, feeding, or otherwise. A well-fed baby is a content baby, so I want to make sure your little one is comfortable.
  • It is easiest if you bring your baby in an outfit that is easy to remove while they are sleeping, such as a zip-up sleeper.


  • I understand the challenges of fitting in time for self-care with a new baby. It might be the last thing on your mind! Snacks, coffee, tea, and other beverages are readily available for you, and I have a Bluetooth speaker that you are welcome to listen to your own music on.
  • Photo sessions typically last between 1.5 to 3 hours, depending on your baby's needs, the number of older children you have, and whether the session is for twins or a single baby.
  • I keep my studio quite warm, around 24 degrees Celsius. I recommend wearing layers or bringing a change of clothes for when your portion of the photos are done, so you don't overheat. I have a fan available for the parent sitting area as well.
  • A breastfeeding pillow is available if needed, next to the couch.


  • You are welcome to store pumped milk or formula in the fridge if needed, and I can heat up a bottle for you if needed.
  • The bathroom is just down the hall for your convenience.
  • WiFi is provided, whether you want to catch up on work or indulge in some social media scrolling for a much needed break.
  • Feel free to take a nap if you need to – you wouldn't be the first!
  • If you are planning to wear a dress from my studio wardrobe, clothing options for both you and your baby will be available for you to look through when you arrive. Because of my minimalist aesthetic, I like to keep things simple and neutral. Everything I have here coordinates well with the timeless white studio look, and you won't need to spend a ton of time looking through the options.
  • You are welcome to book an appointment to try on dresses ahead of time, keeping in mind that they will fit slightly different without the baby bump!


  • Food for your baby! For nursing mothers, feel free to nurse as needed during the session. I will likely be in the room as long as you are comfortable, whether setting up for the next part of your session or chatting with you. However, if you would prefer privacy - please don't hesitate to ask. I have been in your shoes, and I promise I understand either way.
  • If you are bottle feeding with either formula or expressed milk, bring enough for your baby for the duration of the photo session (up to 3 hours) and if they need a top-up before the drive home as well.
  • If your baby takes a pacifier, bring that. It can help to soothe them if needed.
  • Forgot diapers or wipes? No worries, I've got you covered.
  • You do not have to bring anything for your baby to wear, but you are welcome to bring a special outfit or blanket for your baby's photo session if there is something sentimental. Please let me know ahead of time so I can think of ways to accommodate the item or outfit.


If you have older children, I will begin with either family or sibling photos. This helps to ensure that your children don't become bored and restless after waiting their turn. If they're feeling shy, seeing the family participate in photos may help to comfort them and warm up to the idea. If they're excited and eager to have their photos taken, I'll jump right into sibling photos.


This is important to think about - I recommend arranging childcare for your other children after their portion of the photo session is finished. Whether a trusted family member or friend comes to pick them up, or if you live close by, one parent can quickly bring them home to someone waiting there. Doing this can be help your baby stay settled in a quieter environment, and you, as parents, relax and enjoy the experience.

I have young children of my own, so of course I completely understand if you would like to have them stay with you. I have some toys, books, and coloring books for entertainment, and a playground two houses away from me. During warmer months, it is a great option.


  • Please bring your older children dressed in the outfit you would like them photographed in (if possible. I understand that in the coldest winter months that may not work).
  • Feed your children a snack before arriving, or bring a snack they can eat quickly if they need it.
  • I am happy to reward your little one with stickers for participating!
  • I like to play "where is baby's nose/ears/toes?" to encourage your little one to interact with the baby. I also may ask your child to give the baby a little kiss or hug, depending on their age and level of understanding. If you have toddlers, I may ask something like "is the baby stinky?!" because this usually makes them laugh and give the baby a good sniff.


  • If your baby is settled when you arrive, I will begin with photos of your baby. This ensures I can take advantage of sleepy moments and get a good head start on their photos. If they're awake but happy, I will take some photos of them awake. These photos can be adorable, and a fantastic way to document their personality, yawns and stretches, and any other cute, funny expressions they make.
  • If they're awake and unsettled, as long as they have a full tummy and clean diaper, I will swaddle them and attempt to soothe them.
  • If your baby prefers to be held while awake, we can start with family and individual parent photos. I also like to include parents' hands in photos of babies. To do this, I have one or both parents kneel beside the beanbag. I will have pillows for your knees to ensure your comfort, and I will check in on your comfort level and ability to kneel, especially if you are recovering from a C-section.


  • When we're finished, take your time - I don't want you to feel rushed to leave immediately. I understand how stressful it can be to drive home with a crying baby, so if your baby needs to be fed before you leave, don't hesitate to top them up.
  • This can be a good time to ask me any questions about the final delivery of your gallery or about any products you're interested in, if we didn't cover it during your photo session.


  • Between 2-3 weeks after your photo session, you will receive a slideshow set to music with a curated selection of the best photos from your session. At this time, you can decide which image collection to purchase, based on your family's needs and budget.
  • Your online photo gallery will be open for one month after the purchase of your image collection, during which time you can choose which images to download, and how to spend your print credit in the online store.


While I am a professional, my personality is quite laid-back and friendly. I don't take life too seriously, I laugh at my own jokes, and I love deep conversations! I'm more than happy to get into the nitty gritty details of your birth story if that's something that's on your mind that you want to share, and I'm more than willing to lend an ear if you need to vent about how tired you feel, or if you just want to gush about how much you're completely obsessed with your baby!

If you aren't feeling chatty and you'd rather zone out and rest on the couch, I get that too, and I won't take it personally if you'd like some peace and quiet.

See photos below for a behind-the-scenes peek into a newborn photo session with me!