2024 Model Search

Occasionally I need models for personal projects, advertising mini sessions, or to model new outfits I've purchased for my studio wardrobe. That's where YOU come in! I do a LIMITED number of model calls per year, so applying does not guarantee you will be chosen.

I may reach out right away if I have the need for a model, I may reach out months later, or I may not reach out at all other than to confirm I have received your application. Only those who are selected will be contacted. Usually I'm only looking for babies under 1, but occasionally I have a project in mind that requires parent or sibling participation as well.

Models must be willing to submit a photo and sign a model release, as I will be posting the images on my website and social media. Occasionally I enter images in photography competitions or submit them for publication in magazines as well. If this happens, you will be notified!

Photo session will be complimentary, and models will receive 3 full resolution digital images for their time with the option to purchase additional images if desired.

Newborn wrapped in white blanket, fetal position.

What I'm Looking For in 2024:

*Looking to expand the representation of beautiful babies IN MY PORTFOLIO and celebrate the richness in diversity*


Seeking newborn twins

Babies must be under 2 weeks of age if born full-term (after 38 weeks)

OR: up to 6 weeks for babies born prematurely.

Your best chance of being selected is to apply before your babies are born.


I do not need as many babies at this age, but still do occasionally! Sitting babies who are not yet crawling, ages 6-9 months. Must be sitting up well, unassisted. Twins & triplets welcome!


I only need one maternity model at the moment, between 30-36 weeks pregnant. Model must be willing to come with nicely styled hair and makeup, and must own undergarments in a nude shade to wear under a white dress (dress provided by me, sizes XS - 3XL available). Tattoos welcome.

apply below

All sizes and ethnicities welcome! Do you or your baby have a unique trait such as red hair, unique eyes, or a cool birth mark? Let me know!

(If baby is not yet born, leave blank)

Unique features/traits are not required, but are welcome and celebrated!

I do not usually require older children to participate, but occcasionally I need a family photo, sibling photo, or parent & children photo with more than one child.